How to overcome writer’s block?

How to overcome writer’s block?

There are times when we have encountered ourselves with a situation, striving to get the suitable words and phrase them onto the paper. Many times, writers struggle to write. Be it a content writer, journalist, poet, fictioneer or scribbler, everyone faces this situation sooner or later. When someone hits this creative slowdown, it is apprehended as the writer’s block. There is a common myth prevailing, that when a writer experiences such glitches, they lack the inner flicker and hence stop composing. However, a greater perspective holds the statement as untrue. When a writer is undergoing a slack pace in their cognitive sphere, they are actually seeking to burst that bubble and write once again.

The obstacle lies in the temporary disappearance of their innovative and ideation powers that results in a disability to write. To summarise, writer’s block is a temporary paralysed state of mind where there is a dearth of creativity in the writer’s thought process. This is something common that every writer undergoes at some point in time in their life. In fact, every other person related to the creative and artistic work profile faces this challenge. While overcoming this writer’s block might vary in individuals, there are ample of methods and tools that can help you to get back into the track.

The reasons behind the Writer’s Block


There can be many incidents that can trigger a writer’s block. The lack of proper ideas is not the sole reason that leads to this malfunctioning. If we inspect deeper, we can find that there is an emotional turmoil within that hits hard with the ingenious aspect. Being a writer, you can go through it at any point of time without any warnings. Besides, there is no measure to take precautions as you simply need to deal with it. Sometimes you can blame yourself or the surrounding for this ongoing phenomenon. However, there is no need to panic as the turbulence will slowly settle down.

The fear of getting tagged as ‘mediocre’

The artistry of a writer lies on the word he pens down. This is the way a writer expresses his work. Thus, if the work excels, it gives a feeling of contentment to a writer. Every writer has their own disposition and gets affected by the various mental conditions like apathy, anger, anxiety, etc.

Perfection is the fundamental concept where writers tend to revolve around in terms of their work. But, achieving perfection is a never-ending process. The word ‘perfect’ somewhat takes us to a subjective definition where every writer is struggling to reach their ideology of perfection. This has preoccupied their minds in the web of unhappiness, and despite having plenty of ideas on writing, they have restrained themselves to an assumed status of writer’s block.

Writer’s block has become a usual problem that challenges the writers with their creative work sphere. However being imaginative, writers can overcome this situation quite easily if they wish to get themselves out.

The limited scope of time

The typical work schedule of a writer comes with irregular timings and deadlines that make the entire process strenuous. This happens mostly when you are working for hours without any breaks and the brain is working continuously with no rest, then you can experience a lacklustre in your activity leading to a writer’s block. It can be too late in the night or just too early in the morning. Here you cannot come to any conclusion that why your mind is not able to compose a single word in the blank page. The ever-competitive job surroundings are demanding more from the writers. This poor-timing has simply drained all the activities from the brain, and the creative spirit goes completely out of order.

The hesitation in voicing out freely

There are instances when writers simply use writer’s block as a shield to hide their uncensored opinions on certain issues. There can be societal and political pressure, for which it might not be always feasible to express them explicitly. The writer then strives to establish an alternative to express their views implicitly. Doing this challenging work content is not at all easy, and many writers get into the phase of a writer’s block.

Overcoming the zone of a writer’s block

Get into an activity

If you find yourself completely stuck in the block zone, then it’s time to recharge your batteries. There is a list of activities that can alter the state of your mind and make it more healthy.

The idea is to pump oxygen into your blood by indulging into some physical workout. The more you get into an activity, the more oxygen is being supplied to your body, which ultimately makes you feel refreshed. A physically active body can easily overcome mental fatigue, and some of the simplest methods are walking, yoga, dance or exercise. It will help to release the endorphins, elevate your mood and get your thoughts to flow again.

Allow yourself to get de-stressed

There are times when writers take the stress from encountering situations like deadlines, concepts, publishers and others. This stress can contribute to the mental blockage, which is challenging to battle out. Hence, the way is to take out some time and de-stress. You can talk to a friend, watch a movie, make a cup of coffee or listen to soulful music- anything that gives you pleasure and makes you feel refreshed. Just make sure it is limited so that it doesn’t turn into a way of procrastination. When you treat yourself with the therapy of de-stressing, you will observe that ideas are flowing back to you.

Eliminate the distractions coming your way

A mind that is focused can write effectively in any situation. Distractions are like a speed breaker that limits the speed of creativity in the journey of writing. Minimizing distractions like turning your phone in silent mode, taking a break from emails, keeping your workspace tidy will help you in the process. You should also ask your colleagues and friends not to interrupt you while you are writing. Additionally, practising meditation will help in improving the concentration level and allow for framing the ideas in a better way.

Read and get inspired

When somebody goes through a situation like a writer’s block, they are in a desperate need of getting inspired. Instead of searching for your inspiration and wasting your precious time, it is better to select a book for reading or some other kind of content. If you are looking for an inspirational insight, it is better to read something that will help you in giving a boost to your ideation process. However, if your anxiety levels are high, we suggest you, to read something that can relax your mind.

Make a travel plan

Don’t let your mundane thoughts trouble your minds. Make a travel plan to a new location that will break the ice and give wings to your creative ideas. A change of environment, especially in the laps of nature, have inspired writers many times and helped them to overcome the writer’s block. So when you are tired from the hectic lifestyle, take a break and get ready to be inspired.

Arrange your ideas in an organised manner

Many times, different options are exploding in the minds of a writer in the form of an idea. However, these ideas are so jumbled up and disorganised that writers find it difficult to make sense out of them. There reaches a stage when a writer doesn’t know where to start his writing. That is when he gets into a writer’s block stage. To manage such occupational hazards, it is advised that writers should catalogue their ideas in an organised manner. These ideas can be effectively written in bullet points. This can help in bringing clarity to the content and enhances the readability. These little organisational steps can help in resolving problems related to writer’s block efficiently.

Get enough sleep

Lastly, an over-exhausted mind makes things look more complicated. Getting enough sleep is necessary for both your mind and creativity. As you wake up in the morning, you feel more refreshed to start a day full of exciting and new ideas which are ready to take over your block.

How to avoid getting writer’s block in future

Don’t strive to get perfect

Often writers are found to sit idle and struggle with words for producing the first perfect draft. Instead of fiddling about, you should begin the process of filling words in a page. Once you take this pressure onto yourself, your wheel of innovation will soon start to gather motion. Later on, you can rewrite, edit or refine it to add the touch of perfection.

Waiting to get inspired

One of the laziest approaches that many writers tend to follow is to wait for getting inspired. There are many ways to get inspired and feel motivated. Read inspirational quotes and stories, take a look at your previous works or do something to get inspired rather than waiting for an event that can make you feel inspired.

Feeling helpless for yourself 

Life can be unfair in many circumstances, and we need to accept it. There is no point to feel self-pity and drown in sadness. Don’t doubt your abilities and revolve around the negative thoughts. It is time to deal with the present problem. Come up with a way that can fix the problem and help you to get back in action.

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