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MilesWeb Review : A Complete Overview of Their Shared Hosting

If you want to launch your new website and looking for a good web hosting option, then shared hosting is the best way to get your site online.

There are different web hosting services like shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated server and cloud hosting. 

In the beginning, you won’t have enough traffic on your website. You can invest less and get more with shared hosting. It is the best way to get started for newbies and the most affordable option. 

A shared server can accommodate hundreds of websites. It is a user-friendly option available. Shared web hosting plans are the cheapest and most affordable compared to dedicated or VPS  hosting plans. 

Know About MilesWeb 

MilesWeb is a popular web host offering cheap web hosting for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Founded in the year 2012 by Deepak Kori, Chinmay Dingore and Chetan Mahale, MilesWeb offers a plethora of web hosting services for all sizes of business ventures. 

They are prominent for offering reliable, secure and affordable web hosting services. On top of that, by doing a large volume of business, they can offer generous discounts. MilesWeb has its data centers in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, India and Canada. They have 30,000+ customers from different time zones. 

MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting Plans 

MilesWeb offers different web hosting services like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, cPanel hosting and reseller hosting. 

MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans are best for entry-level and low-traffic websites. They offer cheap shared hosting plans that you can choose according to your needs. 

There is a balance between the price and performance. It’s like investing less and still getting quality web hosting service. 

MilesWeb offers best shared hosting in India for Linux and Windows OS.

 If your website is built in PHP, MySQL, you can go with Linux shared hosting. For ASP.NET, MSSQL you can go with Windows shared hosting. 

Here is a quick overview of MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans and prices that are available for customers:

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There are three types of plans in the shared hosting by MilesWeb. You get unlimited hosting with the shared hosting plan. 

The base plan is Solo costs you Rs.40 per month. 

You can buy and renew the plan at the same cost. The Tyro plan includes the following resources. 

  • Host 1 Website 
  • 10 Email Accounts 
  • 1GB SSD Disk Space 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Website Builder 
  • Control Panel+1 Click Installer 
  • WordPress Optimized 
  • 3 MySQL DBs

2. The next plan is Prime, which costs you Rs.130 per month. If your website has medium traffic, you can go with the Prime plan. It includes the following resources. 

  1. The high-tier plan is Multi, which costs you Rs.170 per month.

If your website experiences high traffic spikes, you can opt for the Multi plan. 

You can host unlimited websites with the Multi plan. 

Linux Shared Hosting Features by MilesWeb 

Below are the several features offered with the shared hosting plan of MilesWeb. 

Free SSL Certificate 

MilesWeb offers a free SSL certificate with a shared hosting plan to ensure the safety of your site while protecting you and your visitors.

 Latest PHP & MySQL

MilesWeb offers a Softaculous installer through which you can install apps like WordPress, Drupal and more such 400+ apps with just one click. 

SSD Storage

The traditional HDD delivers slow performance. MilesWeb offers a fast SSD server that gives the best speed and performance to your site. 

With MilesWeb’s SSD servers, you get 200% faster website performance. 

Control Panel: 

With the shared hosting plan, you get a control panel that lets you manage your hosting account, websites, domains, emails, databases, etc. 

Choice of Data Center

You can choose the nearest data center according to your targeted users. MilesWeb has data centers located in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India and Singapore. 

 Instant Account Setup: You can go online instantly after signing up for MilesWeb’s shared hosting plan. After the confirmation of your payment, your hosting account will be set within no time. 

 Secure Email Accounts

With secured IMAP/POP3, you can access your emails from anywhere with the availability of webmail. 

Windows Shared Hosting Plan by MilesWeb 

MilesWeb has three types of Windows shared hosting plans. W-Solo, W-Prime and W-Multi. 

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1. The base plan is W-Solo and costs Rs.40 per month. You can host 1 website with the W-Solo plan.

Here are the resources you get with the base plan W-Solo. 

  • Host 1 Website
  • 10 Email Accounts 
  • 1GB SSD Disk Space 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Plesk Obsidian 18.x
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • 3 SQL DBs
  • Windows Server 2019

2. The next plan is W-Prime and it costs Rs.130 per month. As you upgrade the plans, the resources are scaled up. 

3. The high-tier Windows shared hosting plan is W-Multi. You get to host unlimited websites with the W-Multi plan. 

Windows Shared Hosting Features by MilesWeb 

Plesk Control Panel 

You can manage your Windows hosting account easily effortlessly with the Plesk Control Panel. Also, you can manage your domains, emails and databases through Plesk.

1-Click Installer 

Through the 1-click installers, you can install apps like WordPress, Joomla and Magento with just one 1-click. 

SSD Servers 

MilesWeb offers SSD servers that give a blazing fast performance to your sites. You get 200% faster performance compared to the traditional HDD servers. 

To Conclude

MilesWeb is the cheapest web host in the market. They offer the best shared hosting plans that can help you to launch your first website. 

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