5 ways to make your content more discoverable

As per a recent study, creating content is one of the biggest challenges online marketers are facing, and significant resources are invested into it. Sadly, despite such strong resource allocation, 65% of the content goes unused, unread; just lying in some corner of the World Wide Web.

Have you ever thought why all those resources go wasted, just like that? What is actually happening with your content? Is it only the monetary benefit that you earned for it today or is the long-term profit that you are targeting with each piece of your content? The questions are tough but the answers are simple.

We all write content to justify the topic, make it readable by targeting the nerves of the readers. But, amid all the hard work and commitment, we often forget to pay focus on “discoverability” of our content.

Discoverability directly affects the number of reading ticks on your content. It also helps you target your potential customers and trap them down in your sales funnel for making long-term relationships.

So, how to make your content optimized for boosting the discoverability? Trust me, it is not a rocket science. Here are some easy steps that can help you to make your content more discoverable.

1. Organizing the content

There are two bases on which you may optimize your content – by segment or by topic.

While optimizing your content by segment, you have a wider area to cover, i.e. targeting an entire section. This is best in case you are referring to an issue or product which affects a wide user base.

In the case of optimization as per the topic, the main focus is on providing the customers with a solution to their problem. Here let us discuss these two aspects in detail:

Optimizing by segment: When you are writing content for a wider audience base, makes sure it’s informative. It should help a versatile user to find all the right information at one place. For the users whom you want to take some action after reading your content e.g. buy a product, sign a petition, provide contact details etc., it is highly effective if they get all the information at one place. Such content has higher chances of being shared and recommended.

Optimizing by topic: When your topic is for a smaller user base e.g. if the user seeks knowledge of how to do a certain thing, it’s important to provide him with the same efficiently. Things, like diverting from the topic in the midway or writing about things out of the scope of the subject, are not recommended at all. You can, however, interlink one topic with another to market your content more effectively. An answer leads to another question, making a chain that keeps your customer attracted.

2. On-page Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are the most common platform for your content to become discoverable. People type their queries on Google and as soon as the results appear, they click the most relevant answer to quench their knowledge thirst.

To ensure that your content appears on the top of such searches, you must implement good on-page SEO techniques. There are two acutely effective ways to do this:

  • Structure your content wisely with headings, bullets, and keywords
  • Use proper meta tags e.g. title, description, rich snippets etc.

Thinking semantically and including words and phrases that readers usually correlate with while searching for the answers is one foolproof way to make your content high in ranking.

3. Relevant publishing on multiple platforms

Relevant publishing on popular mediums with a backlink to your content that promises to offer more details is a great way to pull a lot of visitors to your content.

For example, a video on YouTube of ‘How to make a creamy pasta’, with a description saying visit the following link to see step by step process in written along with the list of ingredients. Or putting a mouth-watering image on Pinterest with here’s how I made it link will do the trick.

4. Remodeling the old content

While you can implement the above tricks to the new content, you can also make your old content discoverable by remodeling it by adding more info and then promoting it by different mediums.

5. Easy sharing tool inclusion

There is no denying the fact that if a reader recommends your content, the other one is bound to click. It basically acts like a click bait, the difference is that the quality of content makes the reader stick to the content rather than leaving because of irrelevant information. For easy recommendations, you must offer a variety of sharing tools to your readers. If they find your content qualitative and wish to share it, don’t make them wait and put efforts.

Always remember, promoting a content is as important as creating it. What’s use of writing if no one’s reading? These are some effective tips that will certainly help you make your content easy to discover. Try them today and you will start feeling the impact soon.

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