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Where to find content writing jobs? [25+ resources]

No doubt content writing as a career is a lucrative option. If done well, not only it lets you earn decent money from the comfort of your home, but also enjoy a great work-life balance. However, most of the budding writers find it hard to find good content writing jobs while beginning their career.

Whether you are looking to find a full-time content writing job or freelancing, the following list of places will help you to find a perfect one.

Best places to find content writing jobs


Freelancing marketplaces are where most of the content writers start their career. Ease of use, affordability and a huge audience base make these marketplaces an attractive place for clients to post jobs and get the work done.

However, the biggest problem a newbie writer might face is to find the first job, since there are already hundreds of freelancers with a strong portfolio bidding for the same set of jobs.

The only way out here is to offer your services for cheap so that you can get a breakthrough. So instead of earning in the initial phases, you are actually investing to create a great portfolio so that you can reap the benefits later.

Creating a strong portfolio on such marketplaces is a tough nut to crack, but once you crack it, there’s no looking back.


  • Your payment is secured
  • Huge client base


  • Tough to begin
  • Suitable only for freelancing

Best freelancing marketplaces to find content writing jobs

Social networks

Social networks are the new forms of marketplaces. The fact that everyone nowadays is present on social media sites, companies and individuals have started to explore this platform to find suitable candidates. Also, since these platforms are relatively new and there’s no bidding process involved, it’s easy to grab your first few jobs here.

However, due to the absence of any kind of scrutiny and payment ecosystem, people often get duped. You need to be careful while dealing with unknown people here.


  • Easy to begin


  • Risk of getting duped

Best social networks to find content writing jobs

Facebook Groups

To find content writing jobs on Facebook, you will need to join relevant groups. Search for groups with keywords like content writing jobs, content writers needed etc., and join as many as you can. A lot of clients are now using this medium to find suitable candidates.

But at the same time, Facebook Groups are a hub of scams. Make sure you don’t fall for them.


Linked is the best social network when it comes to finding jobs of any sort. Linked offers recruiters to create job posts, which are different from regular posts.  But many recruiters are lazy enough to use that option and post their requirements as regular posts.

The only thing you need to understand to find such opportunity is to use its search box smartly. Use the keywords that you think the recruiter must have used in his requirement post and click on ‘Content’ to filter the result. Refer to the screenshot below.

Job portals

You might have a presumption that job portals are suitable only when you are looking for a full-time job. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Companies post both full-time, part-time and freelance opportunities on these platforms.

Although there’s no payment ecosystem here as well, but most of the clients are some kind of registered entities. Hence, the chances of any kind of fraud are low. Also, most of the clients you acquire from job portals are probably looking for long-term associations.

Instead of regular job portals, you can also look out to the job portals that exclusively feature only content writing jobs.

Google jobs find content writing job


  • Reliable clients
  • Long-term opportunities


  • Application and selection processes are often time-consuming

Best job portals to find content writing jobs

Company websites

Many companies have their own career pages. In case you are willing to work with a particular company, you can check out the same and apply directly. In addition, many content-based websites and blogs offer money if you can write high-quality articles.

To discover such websites, search on Google using relevant keywords. Think like a recruiter. What keywords they would be using on their hiring page. Some example keywords are as below:

  • join us content writer
  • “Write for us” + paid
  • write for us we pay
  • we are hiring content writers

finf content writing jobs

Use your intelligence and try to come up with multiple keywords combinations.

Cold Pitching

Ever come across a blog where you think you can contribute too. If yes, send the founder/editor a pitch asking if they are willing to pay for contributing high-quality articles. If the blog is profitable and your pitch is strong, chances are that you will hear a yes.

This stands true with most of the companies that have a web-based business model where they require content on a regular basis. Even if they haven’t posted a vacancy, most probably they will not like to leave the chance of getting a good writer on board.

Note that finding content writing jobs is just one part of the process. You need to make sure to write a strong pitch and have a strong portfolio in order to maximize your chances of getting hired.

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