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How to choose the perfect niche for your blog?

Starting with the perfect niche is the first step towards a successful blogging career. But unfortunately, most of the bloggers make a wrong choice here and regret later. Make sure you aren’t one of them.

Benefits of Niche blogging:

Niche blogging refers to blogging about a specific topic. For example, this blog ‘Learn Content Writing’ is a blog about learning the art of content writing. The benefits are:

  • Well-targeted audience: Niche blogs cater to specific segments, which makes it easy understand your target audience. Having a better idea of your audience base not only helps you reach them out in a more efficient manner but also produce more useful content.
  • Better ranking by search engines: First, search engines prefer ranking niche blogs above general blogs. Second, you can target keywords with low competition that helps to rank in less time in comparison to the general blogs.
  • Better monetization: Blogs make money mainly advertisements, affiliate income, and paid promotions. Niche blogs display more targeted ads, affiliate conversion is better and once you create an authority in a particular niche, you get better pay for promotions on your blog.

How to find the perfect niche:

To find a perfect niche, you will need to ask yourself these three questions first:

  • Am I passionate about the topic?
  • Are others passionate about the topic?
  • Is your target niche profitable?

Until and unless you are passionate about a certain topic, you won’t be able to create quality content over a longer period of time. A wide majority of the bloggers give up within the first couple of months because they lose passion. Are you going to be one of them?

Similarly, if you are passionate about the topic, but others aren’t interested, you will struggle to build an audience. One of the best ways to gauge the popularity of your topic is to search it on Google Trends using different parameters.

And, if making money your primary motive behind the blog, it should cater to a profitable niche.

Let’s consider, you are passionate about pet dogs and write a lot on the subject. I searched and compared the two related terms – Dog Grooming and Dog Training – on Google Trends.

According to Google Trends, both the terms have gained popularity over the five years in the United States. But, Dog Grooming is certainly a more profitable niche than Dog Training, hence I will go with it.

In case you are unable to generate an idea by yourself, here’s a list of 100 most profitable niches.

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