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Welcome to LearnContentWriting.com, the best place to learn the art of writing and make a career out of it.

Have you ever thought, the world needs more content writers than digital marketers and web developers? But sadly, content writing as a profession could never gain the authority it deserved.

No university teaches you content writing, no big ticket institutes (like digital marketing and web developments), no online courses, nothing!

This is why there’s a huge gap between the demand and supply of content writers. At Learn Content Writing, my effort is to help potential writers to explore their skills and make a stable career out of it.

We also aim to get the content writing industry the kind of recognition it deserves.

About the blogger:

My name is Ashwini Sah. I am the founder of Learn Content Writing and Contentlane.

My content writing story begins back in 2010.

I was working as an investment banker in Moody’s. But out of my interest in writing, I started working for a few blogs on a freelance basis. Once it started making money, I approached more clients. By 2012, I decided to quit my 9-to-5 job to make a career in content writing.

I aim to share my learnings and experience through this website. You can enroll to my 15-day free content writing course below.

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I have compiled the concepts of content writing in a nutshell. Download your copy now.

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